Day one – St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge (part 1 of 2)

So we got up early and took the excellent Sherpa bus to St Bees. We met Rufus the dog on board…

We carried out the traditional tasks of getting our boots wet in the Irish Sea and picking up a pebble to carry on the walk to the other coast. I picked up two and signed them with a sharpie – one to take home as a reminder of the trip. We also had photos at the official start. 

Then we started up the initially quite steep headland. The view back was lovely.

At Fleswick bay we took advantage of newly created pathways going down to the sea again and then back up new steps the other side. The cliffs were striking and full of sea birds. 

We saw the famous lighthouse. 

And then said bye to the coast and headed inland to start ticking off the miles. 

Until we reached the old railway line at Moor Row, with some nice sculptures along the way. 

Leaving the railway we used the wainwright passage to access Cleator and watched the cricket for a few balls (a guy got run out whilst we watched). 

Cleator was a key location for us as we were aware that the pie shop in the village is so popular that the shop has a sign outside communicating the status of pies at the shop (PIES/NO PIES). However it is closed on Saturdays! Disaster. 

However we did find this excellent device. 

Before starting the climb up Dent a Fell. Initially through forest. 

And then into the open countryside with lovely views back towards the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man. 

Selfie at the summit. 

And the other way gave lovely views into Lakeland. 


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  1. You have created a very interesting photo diary. It would be useful to anyone doing the Coast to Coast (I’ve done it twice).


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