Day Three – Rosthwaite to Grasmere

Firstly I must start by noting that we managed to find this beer below in the pub last night. For those who don’t know this was Dad’s all time least favourite beer. ‘Too nutty’ he said. Well we tried it – David thought it was alright, but I wasn’t fussed. 

The day started with a gentle amble alongside the river. 

There were a few waterfalls, but given the dry weather recently there wasn’t much going on. 

The path then started to gently ascend. 

With the occasional waterfall from the river (Stonethwaite Beck) which flowed alongside us. 

Always time for a selfie. 

The path was really well maintained and made easy initial climbing. 

Until we reached an area of drumlins (remember GCSE geography!), when the real climbing began. 

This shot should show the climb – the picture of me further below is on top of that crag to the right. 

And after a quick flapjack, we scaled the final bit, scrambling in places. 

The view from the top was well worth it!! That’s me on that crag. 

This is Greenup edge and there were some boggy bits to come, although with excellent views back towards other parts of the lakes such as Helvellyn. 

We found a lovely spot for lunch and even managed to get 4G for a minute or two and post something to Facebook. 

Then it was down, avoiding the well known trap into the wrong valley (that leads you to Wythburn). This path was awful, but helicopters had recently dropped bags of stone, so hopefully soon it will be improved. 

At the top of the next ascent, we had a choice to make. The easy route down into the valley floor below or the harder but beautiful high level route across the ridge line to the left. 

Of course on a day like this we had to choose the high level! And what views we had. 

The route we took is to the left of this shot. 

But it was slow progress on a rocky path so after 2 hours of ups and downs we chose to avoid the last crag and make a faster descent into the valley down a very steep but accessible path. We had also been warned that the descent of that final crag into Grasmere was known to be difficult. 

So we made our way down through the ferns. 

This led us to the outskirts of Grasmere – the Scout football pitch looked fun!

And we saw a deer. 

Plus this place. 

And then we were finished on day 3. Spa for tired legs awaited. 

Stats for the day. 9.44 miles. 2951 ft total ascent and a highest point of 1999 ft. 


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  1. You had a much better day than us. We could see nothing from the top and took the low route down in full waterproof gear……….


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