Day Four – Grasmere to Patterdale

We awoke to rather different weather! The forecast was heavy rain, but there was some hope of it abating later in the day, so we decided to stay a little longer in Grasmere.

We looked at the various shops and got lunch at the co-op.

Then we set off. Early on we saw this place which felt rather appropriate.

the scenery could still be enjoyed of course.

But it was full wet weather gear.

The path began to slowly climb up to the great tongue.

At the decision point we took the right hand path alongside the tongue which is known for lovely waterfalls.

And climbed and climbed through heavy rain.

A couple of the smaller becks needed care to cross.

And yes the waterfalls were amazing.

After one last push through what seemed like a labyrinth of razor sharp rocks, we made it to Grisedale Tarn.

And quickly walked around it to find our escape into the next valley.

At the top of Grisedale we saw the Wordsworth brothers’ parting stone cairn.

And then descended along a path that had basically become a stream.

More waterfalls.

And eventually came to Ruthwaite Lodge, a climbing hut used by the outward bound as an ‘experience’ to sleep out in the wild. Sometimes they hold cake sales here (yes, really). Today it was open but we weren’t allowed in to shelter. So we ate lunch in the doorway at the side.

We then descended into the valley below.

Before reaching a long path heading into Patterdale. Here we passed a barn where Alfred Wainwright had once stayed the night without the owners permission when he missed the last bus.

The rain started to calm into showers as we descended.

Then it was one final climb and curve around into Patterdale, with lovely views of Ullswater opening up.

And to our lodgings.

Once dry we bought a few momentos at the fantastic local shop and remembered to sign the board.

Stats for the day. 9.49 miles. Total ascent 3148ft to a high point of 1938ft.


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  1. memories – good day for us weatherwise so excellent views – perhaps best memory seeing my son running across the bridge at the white lion to meet me as he joined me for the next two days.


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