Day Five – Patterdale to Shap

Today David (bad knee) took the Ullswater steamer from Glenridding whilst I headed up into the mountains for a very long day including double the amount of climbing compared to the previous day and also taking in the summit of the whole C2C. 

Dad painted the steamer and we had a very enjoyable family trip on it a few years back, so David was making a very relevant diversion before he got a lift over to Shap with the Sherpa van and joined me for the last few miles of the walk. 

David’s photos are below – he took the steamer from Glenridding pier to Howtown and return. 

In the B and B at Patterdale I saw this sign! Fun. 

And this is the village shop opposite that sells great supplies, amazing Tiffin (more on that later) and C2C merchandise. 

I started by crossing the river. I forgot to start the GPS at the beginning, so we need to add 0.2 of a mile to the total for the day. 

The path immediately climbs up to Boredale Hause steeply, shown diagonally up to the right in the image below. 

The forecast was concerning so the plan was to push on and get over the summit before the weather closed in. 

This image (looking backwards) shows the Hause. 

As I climbed the views opened up. 

This is brothers water. 

The path climbed and climbed, sapping energy. 

And then I got to Angle Tarn. I have history here as I wild camped here with school friends (DofE) once and my tent pole snapped in a freak gust as I put my tent up. That was a terrible night in a half tent waiting for it to get light and to get down to Patterdale! 

The path calmed a bit and views were good although some scrambling was necessary. 

I came across these gate posts. I had seen this shot before so I shamelessly copied it. 

The climbing continued!

Until I reached the base of the Knott. The wind really got up here and was pushing me down every step I took up. It was only the tiffin that got me through this section! At the top the mist really came down and you couldn’t see anything beyond 10m ahead. 

This was the critical turn. A tiny cairn to tell you to turn left!

And then it was a walk into the unknown whilst trying to avoid being blown over!

Until I reached the summit (Kidsty pike). I didn’t linger long as it was very windy and you couldn’t see anything anyway. But I did get a selfie. 

Then I made good use of the GPS to safely make it along the ridge. 

Once I had descended a little the mist began to ease and views of Haweswater appeared below.

Some guys from Essex took this shot for me. 

And then it was a rocky scramble followed by grassy descent down to the reservoir. 

The waterfalls were again well fed by mountain water. 

And I had lunch alongside Haweswater. 

The 5 mile trek alongside the reservoir wasn’t easy either with plenty of ups and downs plus some scrambling. 

These are deer fences. 

And then the C2C signs started again (they are frowned upon in the lakes apparently). 

Then it was a final cross country jaunt to Shap initially through the model village of Burnbanks, created when Haweswater was expanded and flooded the village of Mardale Green. 

Suddenly the path was in the woods and the mountains felt a long way back. 

This very slippy stile had a box alongside called ‘Thomas’ honesty box’ which seemed to be for you to place rubbish in. Odd. 

The path went over an old bridge next to another old bridge. 

And then my nightmare – having to cross between cows and their young. But they didn’t seem bothered. Must see a lot of walkers round here!

Then it was a series of easy field traverses…

And in this field I said goodbye to Lakeland. 

This is Parish crag bridge. Lovely spot. 

And then (finally) Shap abbey became visible. 

David joined me here. We saw what we think is a Curlew. 

The remains of the abbey are quite striking. 

And then it was only a couple of miles to Shap itself. 

Stats for the day. Colin 15.6 miles (including the extra 0.2 not recorded on the GPS). Ascent of 4138ft to a summit at 2558ft. 

David approx 5.5 miles plus boat trip. 


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  1. I took 18 days to walk the c2c so some of your days covered more than mine. Was Shap Abbey still held up with scaffolding when you saw it?


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