Day 6 – Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Today was the keocolleagues day. David has returned safely home and is back to work tomorrow. 

6 intrepid colleagues joined me for a jaunt across the Eden valley. Here they are having arrived at Shap. 

We started in the wet by crossing the WC main line railway and then the M6 on footbridges.  

I must have flown through here many times without giving a second thought to the C2C route! Quite an odd feeling walking across. 

We then started to see the Limestone pavements so common in these parts. 

And plodded on through the rain 

These pants made an interesting signpost!

And Jon tried and failed to move this rather large boulder. 

Selfie time. 

The ground was boggy and sodden. 

But we eventually reached our lunch stop at Orton – a chocolate factory!

And various chocolate was purchased (and carried for the rest of the day). 

Lunch was a cheese scone with ham/cheese plus a wonderful hot chocolate. 

You could see the guys inside making the chocs. 

And then it was onwards through meadows, across awkward stiles and to tick off the miles. 

We found a natural spring. 

And more meadows. 

I think I took this my mistake. But it’s funny. 

After lots more bog we came across Smardale Gill viaduct. What a lovely scene. Just needs a train!

The team. 

And then it was one final long trudge across to Kirkby Stephen. 

Tempting to ask for a lift on the quad bike!

And then a mile long procession along the back streets. This seemed to go on for ever. 

Celebration beer. 

Stats for the day – 18.3 miles, ascent of 1771ft to a max height of 1158ft. 

And of course dinner had to be here!


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  1. I stayed in Olton, didn’t go to the chocolate factory (seems I missed a treat) but then took a wrong turning heading past the stone circle out of Olton adding an extra 2 miles to my day to Kirby Stephen. Really appreciated the seat by the farm just before coming into the town. And then had a rest day in Kirby Stephen at a b and b which had a bath!!! Heaven.


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