Day 7 – Kirkby Stephen to Keld

This was a surprisingly hard day. Perhaps it was the 2 full-on days before; perhaps it was the bogs!

It started with a quick shimmy through Kirkby Stephen until I found this lovely bridge. 

The sign reminded me that this was almost half way!

I passed this place – unlucky bails!

Then it was a steep climb on tarmac road that skirted this quarry. 

The weather was drizzly but the hills nearby showed signs of sun. 

The road became a path and a long slow climb ensued.  

Until eventually the nine standards came into view. 

Nobody knows why these striking dry stone cairns were built, but one popular theory is that they were to confuse the enemy into thinking a defensive army was on top of the ridge. 

Selfie time! 

The mist was down, but I did manage to FaceTime Claire and see a bit of sports day!

Soon after I came to the famous bog, which this last year has been improved by the laying of many stone flags dropped by helicopter. 

This led to the Boundary stone between Cumbria and Yorkshire – the only two counties that the coast to coast path crosses through. 

A few yards on and the flag stones stopped – I entered Bog city. 

This was mile upon mile of bog. At one point I stepped on what I thought was safe ground but my entire leg dropped into the bog! Not fun. However I got off lightly as there are stories of people being buried up to their chest in bog, before the flag stones had been laid. 

The selfie says is it all!

More bog. 

At one point someone had gone to the bother of building a bridge over one bit of the bog. Why here is unclear as the rest of the bog was not bridged. 

Eventually I reached a turning point and a proper path. 

Before diving into a shooting hut to have a quick bit of lunch. 

These are the grouse shooting locations. 

I eventually reached the place where the various routes across this boggy madness come together. This land is so boggy that three different routes for three different times of the year are signed / mapped. 

This ford was fun. 

As I plodded on the farm at Ravenseat came into view. 

The shepherdess here (quite a celebrity on TV and in her books) has 9 children!

But more importantly does fantastic cream teas. 

£3.50 for a pot of tea and scone. 

Then I reached the outskirts of Keld. Barns galore. This one Dad liked to call John (Barnes)!

And the beautiful peat coloured river. 

Less bog more rocky paths. 

I couldn’t fathom what this rope was for…

Swaledale is very pretty indeed. 

Then it was then a final up and down to the lovely B and B at frith lodge. 

The farmer was tagging sheep using his dogs to round them up on the bridge as I passed. 

It was a final big climb!

But with lovely views. 

then I joined the Pennine Way for a mile. Keld itself was full up because of a wedding. 

And this is the view from my room. 

Stats for the day – 13.4 miles with 2618ft ascent up to a height of 2157ft. 


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  1. There were no slaps last September – just bog. At this stage I was on my own and decided not to risk going over the top route until I met a couple of Dutch ladies who had walked it before and asked me to join them. So glad I did although the difficulty of the bogs hit home when a lady from Alaska caught up with us. She had gone in up to her thighs!! She was a tough cookie!!


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