Day 9 – Reeth to Richmond 

Today was pretty easy overall. It made sense to get back to Richmond, where I had left my car and where I could resupply. However it was only 10 miles from Reeth and so it makes tomorrow into a 20-mile beast of a day!

I left Reeth on the path alongside the River Swale. 

I chose to take the next bit on the road. This was in fact an excellent choice as otherwise I would have had to walk amongst the cattle. 

The weather was a lot better but there was a chill wind too. 

Some remnants of the ‘tour de Yorkshire’ remain. 

At Marrick Priory the route turned uphill into the woods where the Nun’s causey (steps) began – 375 stone flags as a gentle staircase. 

Looking back the priory is now an outdoor activity centre. 

Here are those steps.  The smell of wild garlic was fragrant too. 

After the climb, views opened up. 

And a friendly farmer had added this sign. 

I dropped down into Marske in the company of two spurs fans from Essex. I have kept bumping into them day after day as they are on a similar itinerary to me. 

Marske was lovely, but could have done with a tearoom. I carried on and up towards Applegarth scar. 

This was my lunch spot, looking back towards Marske. 

Then it was a long stroll along a well defined path just under the scar into Richmond. 

Near to Richmond the path entered Whitecliffe woods. 

Before Richmond castle came into view. 

The path became a road and I arrived at the largest town on the C2C. On the wall is a special yellow sign. 

Here’s the B and B. Unfortunately my car had drained its battery in the days since I left it. Luckily the manager went home and got some jump leads to help me start it. Another great B and B. 

I then took the opportunity to explore Richmond a little. Here’s a couple of views of the town and castle. 

And I indulged in a knickerbockerglory. 

Stats for the day. 10.4 miles with 1521ft of ascent up to a summit at 1037ft. 


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  1. I loved Wainwrights sign attached to the seat as you headed into Richmond. Had the hedge been cut so you actually had a view? We could see nothing from the seat despite Wainwright’s enthusing about it.


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