Day 10 – Richmond to Welbury. 

Wowsers – 21 miles today! 

In Richmond the weather forecasting stone (see day 1) has been upgraded to version 2 – kerMET. 

In the early morning the Sherpa minibus arrived to take a new load of coast to coasters over to St Bees to start their journey. Good memories. 

Uncle Andrew arrived last night and we walked alongside the Swale out of Richmond together. 

Just below the castle the famous falls were impressive. 

A dead tree trunk has been carried down by the river and is now caught. 

Around the corner is the old station. Now converted to an arts centre. 

Not long now – can’t wait to take the kids to this!

The walk then utilised the old trackbed for about a mile. 

Before turning uphill and…

into a pretty woodland walk. 

Then it was a quick hop over fields. 

And uncle was waiting around the corner with a chair and some lemonade. Perfect. 

A mile or so further on I came across an annoying diversion. This added a mile of the most boring roadside walking.  When I got to the other end I couldn’t for the life of me understand why this was even necessary! Very annoying indeed. This work was also supposed to have been finished – the ongoing delay/excuse due to archaeological remains being found apparently. 

Oh joy!

They had at least created a temporary pedestrian bridge over the A1. 

And there were nice views of Caterick racecourse. 

Info on the archaeological remains. 

With that nonsense over it was back to the river swale and a riverside walk. A friend joined me for a while. 

And then I came across a sand and gravel quarry complete with working sand conveyor. 

Next was the village of Bolton on Swale. 

Here I met uncle for a coffee and a gander at Henry Jenkins’ grave.  He allegedly lived to 169!

Here is his oblesik. 

Inside the church there was an excellent self service drinks system and a visitor book/map to pin point where you came from. What a fantastic record of c2c walkers. 

This reflects the many Americans and Australians I’ve met. 

 But why are there so few walkers from wales!

I popped a pin in to the left of Leighton Buzzard. 

And signed the book. My Canadian friends from Keld had been and signed it a little bit before me. 

Info on Henry!

Then uncle joined me for a walk amongst the farmland. 

Apparently some people divert for miles to avoid this field. The bull didn’t seem too bothered.  

And then it was a traverse of farmland which Wainwright had found sodifficulg that he wrote to the local authority to complain about the appalling state of the rights of way. These days the farmers take such criticism very seriously – there is even a comments book!

Another bull, again not really bothered by my passing, albeit on the other side of the fence!

The signposts were rather improvised at times. 

Finally I got to Danby Wiske and free strawberries!

Superb sign. 

Just after the pub I met up with the father and son team from Newcastle who had started Ag St Bees on the same day as me. I walked with them for a few miles before our paths diverged. 

Then it was a number of painful miles on tarmac. With only cows and occasionally uncle checking in. 

Eventually on the outskirts of Welbury I decided I had had enough of the Tarmac and diverted into fields. 

But this led me to Mankin lane, which is both a haven for every flying bug in the county and also a load of muddy spots. Manky lane!  Hard to show on a photo but very annoying. 

Finally I entered Welbury. 

And we found our accommodation/dinner for the night. 

Stats for the day  21.1 miles with 945ft of ascent up to a ‘summit’ of 395ft. 


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  1. Ah – the A19. Didn’t know there was a less walked route – we just headed for it and wandered across. Have travelled up to Teesside lots of times since then and can’t believe last September actually happened. Look out for the garage every time now.


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