Day 13 – Lion Inn Blakey to Egton Bridge

Firstly a little history of the wonderful Lion Inn. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. 

Last night I had a reunion with some of the coast to coasters I had met along the route including Ed and Rufus the dog. One of them kindly took this for us. 

The walk today started off in mist (again!) and alongside the road for the first mile. There are paths off to the right which cut the corner, but the guidebooks warn against them as they are very boggy. 

Uncle joined me for this first section to ‘Fat Betty’. 

Yes it really was boggy off the road. 

So this is Fat Betty. A nice tradition exists here where you are encouraged to swap coins or food. I left an energy bar and took some crisps. Fat Betty was clearly unimpressed with my offering as it immediately started to pour down with rain/hail. My grimace is due to the rain!!

Then it was in to the bog!

Which I survived without major incident and then it was back onto the tarmac again. 

Until a turn off onto a path which was to be my friend for many miles to come. 

I eventually reached what I presume is a shooting lodge, called Trough House on the map. This was just as another rain shower kicked off. Annoyingly the house was completely locked up and so couldn’t offer me any shelter. 

Soon it started to dry out and views came out of the mist. 

Unusual mini hills. Just marked as ‘The Hills’ on the map. 

As you can see it really started to brighten up. 

These poles have been brilliant and David has donated them to me.  Here they are resting. 

As I continued on a gentle downhill grade the heather really started to come into flower. 

Uncle joined me again for another mile or so of the track here and we were given a free air show from a jet circling overhead. 

Now, might that be the sea ahead???

It was great to get some views across the moors as I had been unfortunate the last two days with such mist everywhere. 

Some blue sky!!

A farm yard portrait. 

Then it was into Glaisdale. 

Where there seemed to be some Harry Potter fans. 

And cycling fans. 

There was a natty little lane down to Carr End. 

And then I came across this interesting structure in the field – I asked in the pub and was told it used to be a gunpowder store for the local mines. 

So here we are at tonight’s accommodation, but it was only lunchtime so I decided to continue on for a little while to take some miles off tomorrow’s walk. 

This was a very different walk, mostly through woodland and mud. 

The River Esk is very calm at this point and downstream there were a number of fishermen. 

Some excellent stone flags (called trods and laid in medieval times for pannier ponies) on the uphill part through the woodland, which helped with the mud. 

Here you can see the effect of hundreds of years of wear on the trods. 

And amongst the trees there were a number of stone outcrops just perfect for climbing. 

More mud. 

Here I saw a deer run uphill but I was unable to take a photo in time so you will have to imagine it in the trees to the right. 

Then it was a short walk downhill into Egton Bridge passing this ford, which was completely dry. But the pedestrian bridge was pretty. 

Uncle Andrew met me by the side of the road with a cup of tea and we will continue tomorrow from this spot. 

In the car back to the accommodation we noticed this collection. We think they are moles. Never seen anything like that before. 

Stats for the day – 11.6 miles with only 633ft of ascent as today was mostly about descent – 1778ft. 


3 thoughts on “Day 13 – Lion Inn Blakey to Egton Bridge

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  1. By nearly a year you missed the café just as you enter Glaisdale. Was very welcome last year as the rain came down once I passed the hut you mentioned that was shut and I, and many others fell into the café for relief, shelter, hot chocolate and cake. The owner was giving up the home run business three days after I went there………..


  2. filling this in on 7/617 and been thinking of you today marching on to Robin Hoods Bay. Guess your feet will still feel like carrying on now they have got used to daily treks. Congratulations. Look forward to your last blog.


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