Day 14.5 – High Hawsker to Robin Hood’s Bay

I received a call from the High Hawsker hotel owner (whilst I was in the middle of a field near Littlebeck!) to say that our room for the next two nights was unusable as the ceiling had fallen in!! Thankfully he had arranged an alternative for us  – a cottage in Whitby.

So we started in Whitby for breakfast, before heading back to where I had finished the day before.

some info on Hawsker.

Here are the intrepid 6 who set out on the final 4.6 mile leg. Designed so the family could all finish together.

We started on a farm track.

Before taking the old railway line for a short time to avoid a busy road. This was the section that was once proposed for a narrow gauge railway project. A project that imported 3 Garratts and 2 Kalaharis from South Africa. 4 of those are now at the Welsh Highland. It would have made a cracking line but I’m obviously glad the WHR benefitted.

We then had to walk through a caravan park. A bit odd. However they did have this interesting info board.

Before joining the coast path proper.

The views were wonderful and the weather excellent.

We also saw this interesting rocket post.

Wainwright’s walk waits until the very last mile before revealing the destination.  Here it is – our first glimpse of Robin Hood’s Bay.

Then it was a final descent along the narrowing and steep roads into Robin Hood’s Bay.

One Lea had been here before us.

Until at the bottom we reached the Bay Hotel and the end of the walk.

Mum had borrowed a big cheque from our bank. We totted up the total including gift aid – £12,222.22. This has since increased by another £80. Just fantastic. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS!

I signed the book! Nice to see some friends I had met along the way had completed it too.

A pint of Wainwright ale was duly drunk.

And we headed to the beach for the final bits of tradition.

Pebble thrown in.

Boots wetted – David and I had taken a similar shot at St Bees (see blog day 1).

The view from the beach – tide fast coming in.

Uncle Andrew bought me this T shirt as a momento.

And we had chips on the seafront for lunch. Well earned.

What an incredible journey and experience – I recommend it to anyone. However it is not a walk to be underestimated. It’s hard! I was surprised at the number of people who came unprepared and dropped out, some after only a few days.

Final day stats. 4.6 miles with 843ft of ascent.


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